Concept / コンセプト








A stroke on a blank sheet of paper. It all begins here. I try to draw a line as smoothly as possible and without a halt. The line calls forth another and yet another. They intersect each other and start dancing. Gradually the sheet comes to be covered with numerous tracks of line.

My dream as a child was to be an astronaut. I wanted to travel in a spacecraft and observe everything in this world and the universe. The dream failed to come true as Ⅰ grew older and buried myself in everyday life. But one day I realized that there also exists an infinite number of wonders close at hand, or even within myself, and that allof them are components of the universe.

I still retain the wish to explore “the mystery of existence” .

May it blossom on the sheet of paper Ⅰ work against completely absorbed, the energy of life abundant in everything in nature.

Sakamoto Ikki